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FilterQueen® Indoor Air Quality System was designed and manufactured by Health-Mor Industries Inc. which was established in 1928, Chicago, USA. The FilterQueen® System consists of the Majestic surface cleaner and the Defender room air cleaner. These high-quality products are used to remove both surface and airborne allergens, dirt, and dust from home interiors. For over 80 years, FilterQueen® products have been sold exclusively through direct, in-home sales. This channel of distribution offers a greater level of customer service, a more complete presentation of the products' benefits and convenience to the customer. Today there is a network of independent FilterQueen® Distributors throughout the United States, Canada, and over forty other countries world-wide.
In 1928, Frank and Martin Callahan, along with Ray Owen, founded what is now known as HMI Industries. Their original company, Sanitation Systems, Inc., was located in Chicago, Illinois.

In May 1930, Sanitation Systems, Inc. changed its name to Health-Mor Sanitation Systems, Inc. and became the largest direct selling organization selling any electric appliance within the city of Chicago.

A few years later, Ed Yonkers, an appliance shop owner in Chicago, was inspired to design a home cleaning system based on cyclonic action after seeing a tornado in Arizona. Ed brought his idea to the Callahan brothers, who promptly bought it, and the Health-Mor FilterQueen® was born. FilterQueen® soon revolutionized the market with its cyclonic action and design innovations. Along with the Defender air purifier, introduced in 1996, the FilterQueen® indoor air quality system has become an integral part of creating healthy home environments throughout the world.

On February 3, 2008, HMI Industries proudly entered its 80th year in business!