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FILTERQUEEN SINGAPORE PTE LTD an indoor air quality solutions provider dedicated to leading the indoor air quality industry with its products and advanced filtration technology. Our business is in the air you breathe, educating our customers on the importance in “Breathing Clean Air”. 

We are a trusted partner, committed to superior customer service and delivering quality products for your environment through our experience and professional indoor air quality technicians. With the growing changes in our environment and lifestyle around the world, bad indoor air quality affects our health. The air we breathe today is more polluted than it was before. 

Our company focus on research, development and marketing IAQ (indoor air quality) solutions to homes, schools, offices, clean-rooms and the medical industry worldwide. Together with the support from our manufactures, Health-Mor Industries Inc. (since 1928, USA), our products and services excellence sets the standards for the delivery of clean indoor environment. 

With over 20 years of experience in the indoor air quality industry in Singapore, our company has assembled a suite of solutions and strategies formed to tackle the problems of today’s indoor air pollution and quality control affecting our health. In applying these solutions, we strive to provide excellence by utilizing our resources and knowledge base to maintain quality control in the air we breathe for our valued customers.